Chris Brown Has Regrets Over What He Could’ve Had With Rihanna: But, He’s Happy She Found Love Again

Chris Brown has ‘mixed emotions’ about Rihanna’s latest admission that she’s in love with BF, Hassan Jameel, and wants a family with him! While CB is ‘happy’ for his ex, he can’t help but reflect on what he could’ve done differently in their past relationship.

Chris Brown, 30, has grown and learned so much since he dated Rihanna, 31, back in 2008. Now that she’s moved on with boyfriend, businessman Hassan Jameel, CB is thrilled that his ex has found love and happiness. But, that doesn’t erase the past they shared together. “When it comes down to Chris and his thoughts on Rihanna’s relationship with Hassan, he is really happy for her. He knows that he blew it with her years back, so he always thinks about what could have been,” a source close to the singer tells HollywoodLife, EXCLUSIVELY.

“He has mixed emotions with it all, but he knows they have both moved on in their own ways,” the insider says, admitting that CB will always have a “soft spot” in his heart for his ex. “Chris feels like he could have been in a position to be with her still, if he chose different ways to pursue that path when he was with her. But, he also knows that that life is now long gone and over, and to harp on it is not wise.” Instead, CB will continue to “support” Rihanna in all aspects of her life.

It was just two days ago that interview with Rihanna was published, where the Grammy-winner got extremely candid about her love life — something she’s usually very private about. RiRi admitted to Interview magazine, during a candid conversation with her Ocean’s 8 co-star, Sarah Paulson, that she’s in love with boyfriend Hassan, and eventually wants a family.

As for CB’s thoughts about Rihanna’s latest comments? —  “When he read about how she is doing great and how she wants children, he felt like he was somewhat reading the story he should have had with her,” the insider reveals. “Granted, many great things occurred after his relationship with Rihanna, mainly being the gift of [his daughter] Royalty, but after see the interview , he realizes everything he could have had and everything he lost.”

Nonetheless, CB’s main takeaway from reading Rihanna’s interview outweighs any regret, because it also gave him more closure in life. “It made him realize that he accepts the fact that he will never have a romance with her ever again,” the source says. “He is happy to see her happy, and if he isn’t the one providing that to her, he still feels that is what she deserves. Chris is happy that she is in a place filled with love. He is not in a tailspin over everything, but it’s hard not to have mixed emotions.”