Jordyn Woods ‘Shocked’ Kylie Jenner’s Still Not Talking To Her After Tristan Thompson Kiss

Jordyn Woods is surprised that her former bestie Kylie Jenner still hasn’t reached out following the Tristan Thompson scandal, a source close to Jordyn told HL EXCLUSIVELY.

Over a month after Jordyn Woods, 21, moved out of Kylie Jenner‘s home following initial reports that she had made out with Khloe Kardashian‘s baby daddy Tristan Thompson at a party at his house, Jordyn and Kylie still aren’t talking. A source close to Jordyn told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that she is struggling with how she’s been cut out of Kylie’s life. “Jordyn is shocked that Kylie still isn’t talking to her,” our source told us. “Getting shut out like this has been devastating to Jordyn. She’s in agony over this. It has been very much like a death in the family for Jordyn, like losing a sister. Jordyn cried for days after moving out of Kylie’s, and she’s still very emotional about it. She truly thought that with some time, Kylie would forgive her. Jordyn believed in that her friendship with Kylie could withstand anything and now she is disappointed and heartbroken that things may really be over between them forever.”

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Amid all of this drama, Jordyn’s family is trying to remind her that she still has people who care about her so much. “Her family is trying to remind her that she still has plenty of people to count on that love her,” our source went on to say. “They want her to move on from this and accept it. Jordyn is trying her best to pick up the pieces of her life and move forward but it’s not going to happen overnight.”

Not only has Jordyn been cut off from Kylie, Woods still hasn’t even picked up some of her belongings from Kylie’s house since their falling out. “Jordyn still has not picked up her stuff from Kylie’s, and she might never go get it,” our source added. “What matters to Jordyn is her relationship with Kylie, not her stuff. The thought of going over there and picking up her things and just being totally ignored by Kylie breaks her heart, it’s simply to painful for Jordyn to face right now and unless things change for the better she may never be able to do it. She would rather just get new stuff them go through that, it’s her worst nightmare.”

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While Khloe initially blamed Jordyn for “breaking up” her family, after Jordyn claimed on Red Table Talk that Tristan had kissed her once after his Feb. 17 party had ended, she eventually shifted all of the blame to Tristan, and said that it was not Jordyn’s fault.