UPDATE: Columbine-Obsessed Girl Sol Pais DEAD Say Police, Manhunt Officially Over

Columbine School Security

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Denver Schools Closed As Manhunt For Columbine-Obsessed Girl Continues


According to CBSNews, the 18-year-old girl who authorities had been searching for, Sol Pais, is now dead. There is no word yet on how she died.

It is said that 20-30 SWAT officers were patrolling the ground of Echo Lake Campground on the hunt for Pais. A hiker who encountered the police was told to leave the area because an armed and naked woman was said to have been seen running in the woods.


The 20th anniversary of the Columbine massacre is this Saturday and the people in Denver who lived through the 1999 tragedy are now reliving another potentially violent nightmare as the infamous day approaches.

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Every public school in Denver was closed today as the FBI and local authorities continue to execute a massive manhunt for an 18-year-old girl they describe as “extremely dangerous” according to DailyMail.

A teen named Sol Pais who police say is infatuated with the Columbine massacre flew from Miami to Denver on Monday and bought a pump-action shotgun and ammunition. The FBI says Pais has threatened to commit acts of violence in the city.

As the manhunt continues, proof of the girl’s intent has been revealed via her website.

The site is filled with self-hate journal entries and contains a tribute to a Marilyn Manson song that was inspired by the high school shooting.

The site contains photocopied handwritten journal entries with multiple drawings of guns and troubling phrases like ‘being alive is f**king overrated’ and ‘how do I pull it out of me? I’m f**king empty.’

The website also has the phrase ‘1999 – the nobodies’ written on it. Marylin Manson wrote a song titled The Nobodies based on the 1999 shooting massacre at Columbine.

We can only hope and pray that they find this girl before we have to mourn more dead children.

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